Welcome to Crystal Gemological Testing Lab 🙏

We have started this lab in January 2020 with a view to provide faster gem testing report to our customers. We are situated in Rajkot, heart of the Saurashtra region. We are equipped with latest tools and follow standard procedure to test a gem. Here, the testing is done by qualified gemologist. We test and provide detailed report about the gemstone which shows authenticity and important characteristics of it as per the best of our knowledge.

Sample report generated for a Natural Yellow Sapphire is shown in the above slider. It contains specific properties of the gem like color, cut, shape, weight etc. Moreover, we are mentioning some important stone details in the certificate such as Refractive Index, Specific Gravity and Optical Characteristics of the stone. These reports are generated with keeping quality in mind and they are in sync with the latest data. This means if you have purchased a gemstone which has been certified by us, you can verify that certificate details on this website.

About the Owner

Mr Dhruvik Mandaliya is the gemologist and the owner of this lab. He has completed his certification from the Indian Diamond Institute, Surat in the year 2012. From then on, he has been in this field so he is having vast knowledge regarding the gemstones.

He is very enthusiastic about learning new things. After completing his certification, he is in the business named Pratik Gems where they sell certified gemstones as well.

Also, he is following up the newsletters and articles regularly to get knowledge about trending topics and latest development in this field.

This knowledge sometimes helps in the process of gem testing and report generation as well. He always makes sure that the quality of the his report is the best and error-free.