Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions for the report generated
  • This gemological testing report has been prepared by CGTL upon request of the client subject to Rajkot jurisdiction.
  • CGTL has examined the gem carefully with specialized instrument and prepared this report to the best of its knowledge and professional standards at the time the report is issued.
  • This report contains only the physical and required optical characteristics of the stone examined at CGTL which is equipped with related instruments.
  • This report does not describe any treatment or enhancement done on the sample stone provided for testing.
  • If the stone is mounted on some jewellery, then the test will be performed only on the visible surface of the stone.
  • This report can’t be used in full or part for any legal action.
Website Terms & Conditions
  • Report data shown on this website is accurate and exactly same as the report provided for the gemstone given for testing.
  • Main use of this report verification facility is to ensure the report details only. You should always have the certificate with you.
  • If you find any detail mismatch in the stone report provided to you at the time of purchase by the seller and the report shown on the website, please contact us immediately.